Asia Pacific Queen of Substance 2014

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Vanitha was nominated for this prestigious award presented by Lumiere International.

Firstly this inspirational women award stems to honour women, who grapples with various challenges posed professionally and personally. The journey of a women is worth celebrating and honouring.

Diamond Queen Award 

In recognition of successful woman who have carved her name in her particular field/industry. Vanithadevi, who won the heart of the panel of judges with her note of The Style Of Giving with Love. Despite all the setbacks and challenges she has encountered, she continued to and prided herself in being patient and understanding the human spirit. Thus her ability to give and receive love. She too strongly believes that its her responsibility to be a role model to her very own kids and to the society.   Carving her path as an entrepreneur was not an easy feat. But she knew with the right mindset, perseverance and strong desire to excel, she is now heading towards her dreams and visions.

As a recipient of this award, Vanitha grew not only in terms of recognition and fame, but also in the networking. She had opportunity to meet and share this award with many other prominent women from various industries. To name a few, Ms Tunku Tun Aminah, Princess of Johor, Mrs Noor Quek (President of Breast Cancer Foundation), Datin Sharel Ho (Managing Director of DeFred Jewellers), Ms Natalie Glebova( Miss Universe 2005)and many more. This journey as Asia Pacific Queen of Substance has indeed been an eye opener both in terms of personal and career development.

Mrs Singapore India 2013

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With a touch of luck and golden opportunity, Vanitha got her chance to be part of a prestigious pageant, Mrs Singapore India 2013. “ Beauty Queen”, a title almost every woman will dream and desire to attain. It was Vanitha’s first ever pageant; an International pageant.

Vanitha is blissfully married with a doting hubby, mother of 2 gorgeeous teenagers and was enjoying a stable, high incomed career. Yet there was a vaccum in her life. She hungered to accomplish something new in her life before she reached the big 40. She nurtured a strong desire to contribute back to women and make a difference in their life. With the embark of the pageant, and as fate would have it, Vanitha was crowned Mrs Singapore India 2013, beating 15 other participants. Then it wasn’t just about the crown and title, but the journey and opportunities waiting ahead of her. With this crowning, Vanitha had another awesome opportunity to be part of the Mrs Singapore Universe 2013, organized by ERM Singapore.   She has ‘charmed’ the judges with her natural charisma and style to be awarded Mrs Charming 2013.

Both these pageants have created a great impact on Vanitha in terms of experience, personal and mental development, entrepreneur mindset, fame, recognition and most importantly love from women from all walks of life. Henceforth the life of Vanitha, Mrs Singapore India has never been the same again

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