Why Style Etiquette

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Although some standards of appearance for professional dress have changed over the last decade, certain expectations remain for appropriate and professional appearance in the business environment. The business world is still more conservative than liberal in its regard or professionalism. You should seize the opportunity to distinguish yourself positively in a sometimes lax environment by adopting high standards in yourprofessional appearance. This could be a significant factor in your career advancement.

In the business environment, you must understand what constitutes a professional image in order to effectively meet the standards and expectations you set for yourself. In addition, you must recognize the importance of a professional image and how this affects self-confidence; interaction with peers, customers, and supervisors; and ultimate success in your career mobility. Professional image can be viewed from two major perspectives: appearance and personal behavior. In the area of appearance, you want to develop your ability to dress appropriately and present yourself in an attractive manner. In the area of personal behavior, you want to develop your communication skills and your finesse in the use of proper manners and etiquette as well as recognize the importance of appropriate personal behavior. Finally, you should identify resources for image development so you are aware of and can maintain a professional image throughout your career.